Firm – Overview

Alpine Private Capital’s mission is to protect and maximize our client’s purchasing power through excellence in fundamental valuation and advice. 

High net worth individuals have unique circumstances and objectives. Alpine investment advisors work diligently to understand each client’s financial and investment needs. Equally important, our advisors have the analytical resources to formulate effective, custom tailored investment strategies for each market environment.

Not-for-profit endowments which serve local communities have specialized investment needs. Alpine Private Capital has the expertise necessary to assure responsible stewardship of not-for-profit assets.

Ultimately investment results are what count. The most important measure of our success is the long-term investment performance record that we have generated for our clients.

Alpine was founded in 1999 by Nicholas Tompras, author of its investment principles and developer of its core investment strategy and research process. The firm is built today on the strength and knowledge of its investment and financial professionals.